THINQTANQ - The Neighbours

As well as a great coworking space we also have some resident business who reside on the second floor in dedicated offices. They relish the opportunity of being part of THINQTANQ not just because of our great location and facilities but also because having a space filled with digital creative types and freelancers offers them an opportunity to discuss networking and work opportunities. You can find out a little more about them below and if you are at THINQTANQ, don't be afraid to discuss anything with them!

Office 1 - Freeway Projects

Office 2 - Assembly Studios

Assembly Studios

Assembly Studios is an independent creative agency, with four in-house teams: Design, Digital, Image and Motion. We work together internationally, operating from London, Moscow and Abu Dhabi, to solve creative challenges using the highest quality of production.

Independent + International

From our studios in London and Abu Dhabi, we operate in the UK, MENA and CIS regions. We work in a variety of sectors, ensuring our content is always culturally informed and audience-appropriate.
Collaborative + Meticulous

Our dedicated in-house production teams (Design, Digital, Image and Motion) share ideas and transfer knowledge. We work to brief and strive for perfection in both concept and execution.
Intelligent + Innovative

Strategy is at the heart of our production process. By bringing creative minds together with production specialists we generate innovative new solutions that cross the boundaries of various traditional media. “A thought provoking and innovative strategy - a novel way to market a building.”

Property Week, Two Kingdom Street

“We had a fantastic website launch. Assembly Studios did incredible work in a short amount of time.”

Colleen McMillen, Abu Dhabi Media

“The Moscow market was astonished by the quality, creativity and sophistication of the marketing materials; and the overall campaign.”